Small-Minded Critiques of Spaceflight/There is Only Tomorrow!

If you’ve spent any time at all on social media, you’ll have come across the litany of dysgenic spastics who regurgitate almost verbatim the same criticisms of spaceflight. In a way, the content of these criticisms reflect the age in which we live: narrowminded; servile; slavish, etcetera.

“Why go to space when we have so many problems to solve here on earth, lol”

– Some Twitter NPC / Minor Celebrity, probably

“Stop looking for another planet to live on. Let’s fix our own.”

– An actual celebrity whose name probably deserves to be forgotten

I can vividly visualise the type of world these sorts of minds conceive of. It consists of weekly protest marches rubbing shoulders with the unwashed professionally outraged. It’s full of ‘civil society’ programs. It’s green, it’s pink, it’s feminine and neutered and devoid of any and all nobility of purpose. It’s a world in which Ben & Jerry’s set the political agenda and everybody gets a prize for taking part.

But what is it really? It’s the worldview of Sus domesticus, rolling around in excrement because it’s what all the others are doing.

The exploration of space is the most noble endeavour ever embarked upon by man. That so many people disagree is a damning indictment of basically everything in our world today.

Out there, in the universe, we have the opportunity not just to explore for the sake of fascination, but to answer the most fundamental questions about our existence and the existence of everything. We can see things out there that nobody in all of history has ever imagined, and do things that nobody ever could imagine.

To my mind, this relegates such issues as ‘inequality’ (ha!) to a position well short of rank insignificance. And there is not contempt or disdain in the universe sufficient to describe how I feel towards those who would elevate it above our truest destiny.

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