Nothing irritates me quite like the demand that I receive a vaccine (or three, perhaps four) to ‘protect my community from the virus’. It’s a spurious argument advanced by politicians and medical officials, the latter of whom ought to know better, but the very notion that anybody makes medical decisions based on the benefit to others is utterly false. Admittedly I’m somewhat higher up the “psychopath scale” than many of my peers, but aside from idealistic leftists I see no evidence that the average Western European man cares at all about his fellow citizens. And this isn’t really a problem. We, individualistic Indo-Europeans, make decisions primarily on what is of the greatest benefit to ourselves and our immediate clan or family. It isn’t in our psyche to take action on the basis that it might benefit Joe Blogs from down the street. Mr Blogs may be a perfectly decent and pleasant individual, and we don’t wish ill upon him, but neither do we consult our imaginations in order to devise our family planning to his benefit. We live in a society that maintains a veneer of civility through a complex system of legalistic measures and the societal conventions passed down through generations, which just about prevents anarchy and chaos. Outside of our immediate circle of friends and family members, we do not seek the company of strangers nor do we spare a thought for their day-to-day wellbeing. Naturally, we take pity on those who’ve fallen upon hard times, and by no means do we wish ill of others, but the reality of human interaction is parsecs away from the quaint, idealistic liberal notion of taking each action with our ‘community’ in mind.

In other words, I wish to impolitely tell the moralisers to fuck off.

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