Update & Thoughts: Covid-19 Regulations

Allegedly as a result of the rapid spread of Covid’s “Omicron” variant, the British government have imposed new disease control measures to achieve rapidly changing ambitions. Initially they devised a travel ban against several central and southern African countries with the aim to ‘slow the seeding’ process of the new variant. Mandatory face masks in certain indoor settings were subsequently decreed. The government then announced its activation of “Plan B”, a set of measures including the expansion of mask “mandates” (I detest that word), advice to work from home where applicable and the compulsory use of the NHS “Covid Pass” for certain large indoor and outdoor events, such as nightclubs and sporting fixtures. The Prime Minister’s most recent intervention came on 12.12.21, when he appealed on television for people to “get boosted”. The government announced that certain NHS services were to be scaled back to increase vaccine administration capacity, and that the military would be drafted in to help.

There are many who react negatively, almost from instinct, against any measures brought in whatever. I’ve never been one of them; I wasn’t particularly anti-lockdown because I could see the rationale behind it, and frankly my circumstances were and are such that it doesn’t have any great effect on my life. I’ve not really seen the problem with masks, either. I’ve seen research that suggests they have a moderate role in disease prevention, and other research which implied they’re utterly useless. I won’t personally wear one, unless I have cause to attend a doctor’s surgery.

What I do take issue with, quite obviously, is the government and media’s totally uncritical advocacy of the vaccine. Even the most strident pro-vax advocates cannot deny the existence of severe adverse events as a direct cause of vaccination in some people, and data from official and unofficial sources as well as a tidal wave of anecdotes support the thesis that the vaccine is potentially very dangerous for a minority of people. Sudden Cardiac Death amongst FIFA-registered athletes has increased by 500% in the last year. Funeral directors are reporting a massive surge in otherwise healthy people dead from suspiciously coincidental causes such as strokes, blood clots, heart attacks and aneurisms, all of which can be related to the haematological incidents known to be caused by the Covid-19 vaccine(s). It is the biggest elephant in the smallest room, yet government and scientific spokespeople have obviously conspired to maintain a wall of silence, refusing to say anything about the vaccine other than the utter nonsense that it’s ‘safe and effective’ – it is sometimes safe and partially effective (or; sometimes unsafe and frequently ineffective).

Whether or not that’s an outright lie depends on semantics, really. At the very least, the public faces of the scientific community are being generous with the actualit√©; at worst, they’re engaged in a deliberate, fraudulent cover-up of data that makes informed consent impossible.

I still don’t really believe that a particular conspiracy exists centring on the Covid-19 vaccines, but I can easily forgive those who do given the establishment’s behaviour. And this behaviour – the deception, the cover-ups and the trickery – is precisely what makes the concept of vaccine passports disgusting on a practical level, not to mention the ethical shitshow that it is. Passports are a means of coercion, because Covid-19 can still spread amongst an entirely vaccinated gathering, and the vaccine doesn’t prevent further transmission or the subsequent progression to severe disease in some cases – the practicalities make it obvious to the critical individual that they were not conceived of in the context of disease prevention. And then we have an even more absurd possibility that hasn’t yet reached the United Kingdom, that of specific, restrictive measures targeted exclusively at the “unvaccinated”, such as their barring from particular establishments and social events, or totally segregated lockdowns. The absurdity of this is that there are other factors that hold an equal ethical weight that correlate far more strongly with the reasons for which these policies are considered. In the UK, for instance, the commentariat often complain that the unvaccinated will affect the healthcare available to vaccinated people by way of their taking up beds because of severe disease caused by Covid-19. Yet obesity and vitamin D deficiency correlate far more strongly with progression to severe disease that one’s vaccination status, and they’re both a result of personal choices in the same way; so, why are we not discussing a lockdown for fat people? Or a lockdown for those who ignore NHS advice to consume two portions of oily fish per week?

The reason for this is clear; the vaccine has become an ideological struggle by some sections of the media and, to a lesser extent, political class, an end in itself that must be enforced against “anti-vaxxers”, people who they assume to be right-wing, or religious nuts or conspiracy theorists – the enemies of liberals. The irony of this is that the countries enforcing the strictest, most discriminatory measures to force vaccine uptake are generally governed by conservative parties (OVP in Austria, Liberal-National in Australia). Covid-19 measures have become, essentially, a grand coalition of centre-right pension-seekers and centre-left media personalities looking to get one over on their perceived ideological enemies.

Of course, we’re yet to mention the pharmaceutical giants, such as Pfizer and Moderna, whose executives’ pockets swell every time a new booster campaign is announced and who, incidentally, are known to have less-than-appropriate financial relationships with political and media figures. Needless to say, exercise and vitamin D supplements – the best preventative tools in one’s arsenal – can’t be patented by Pfizer.

The final point I want to make about this is rather curious. We’re told that vaccination is the key to protect ourselves and our loved ones (the latter proposition being thoroughly unethical; you can’t medicate somebody to protect somebody else) from a deadly disease, but the journalists and politicians, with their clandestine parties and lockdown-breaking social events, don’t appear to be particularly afraid of contracting it. The Western world is littered with examples of politicians and their associates breaking the rules way before any vaccination campaign was announced – why were they not as terrified of this virus as they implored everybody else to be? Why is the threat of a slow, painful, isolated, Covid-induced death being dangled over us to encourage vaccine uptake, when the people making the claims clearly don’t believe a word of it? I subscribe to the axiom that one discovers what another believes by watching what he does, not listening to what he says, and so their disbelief is the only sound conclusion here.

Good Yule, Merry Christmas and remember to tell your local vaccinator where to stick it (literally).

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